dCrops ALPHA is live| Reward pool increased to 500,000 CROP | More packs now available

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4 min readMay 29, 2021

dCrops ALPHA version is now live

After a lot of community feedback, we completely overhauled our game mechanics in the last 2 weeks where previously you could only plant one seed at a time or harvest one crop at a time. Now you can do 50 such operations at a time!

We have also added numerous other updates to improve the user experience and will continue to do so going forward.

Thus after 2 weeks of open testing, we’re excited to say that dCrops ALPHA version is now live with a season reward pool starting from 500,000 CROP tokens, decreasing by 0.5% every season.

There are 4 seasons — Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and each season lasts for 15 days.

We had a pre-sale for 10,000 packs which got sold out in just 2 days. As stated in our announcement, 40,000 packs are now available to be bought either using Hive or CROP tokens. They are priced at $2 each or 2000 CROP each (more on this below).

Once these 40,000 packs are sold, no more ALPHA packs will ever be sold again.

Some basic info about the game:

What is dCrops?

dCrops is a farming game built on Hive and uses Hive-Engine NFTs. The premise of the game is simple. Players plant various seeds in their plots, harvest them when they mature and sell them to get a share of the reward pool.

What are lands and seeds?

Lands and seeds are the two types of NFTs that are currently available in the game. Players need both of them to play the game as you plant the seeds in your land plots. You can find more info about the game at www.dcrops.com/wiki.

What are shares?

Shares are an in-game point system that determines where you rank on the leaderboard and how many CROP tokens you get when the season ends. The amount received is proportional to the number of shares you hold compared to the total number of shares held by all the players.

At the end of each season, once the rewards are distributed, the shares of all players are reset to 0 and the cycle continues.

What is CROP token?

CROP token is a Hive-Engine token that players can earn by playing the game and participating in the leaderboard. Currently, players can buy packs using CROP tokens priced at 2000 CROP each.

In the future, players will be able to buy various in-game items that will be available in the game by using CROP tokens.

What happened to the bottom price thingy?

Our initial aim was to have a bottom price at 2000 CROP each and in the case that the price 1 CROP token is greater than $0.001, use that price to determine how much a pack would cost.

After thinking it over, we had to decide to not implement that system right now due to the low liquidity of CROP tokens. We had to take this decision because otherwise, one would be able to pump the price of CROP tokens by doing wash trades and exploit this to buy a lot of packs.

Once the game matures, we would implement this system of having a bottom price and scaling as it goes up. We might also use additional measures like using the average 3-day price instead of the most recent price but that is yet to be decided.

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Dcrops Game

dCrops is a farming simulation game based on the hive blockchain.